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The Gutekunst Family Coat of ArmsYou've arrived at the online family history resource for the descendents of the Rev. Carl Johann Gutekunst (1874 - 1940) and Ottilie Zank Gutekunst (1879 - 1959), a.k.a. the Red Cow Clan. We're a pretty friendly bunch, so this site also encompasses many families outside Carl and Ottilie's direct descendents, including collateral lines, ancestor's descendents, distant cousins, in-laws, and even a few out-laws.

The site currently lists 860 surnames. Blood relatives of Carl and Ottilie include Denner, Gutekunst, Karpinsky, Krubsack, Prosek, and Zank. Some of our more researched collateral lines include Barnekow, Fante, Goetsch, Huelsman, Knoefel, Linnert, Matthies, Meermans, Mielke, Mundt, Pieper, Schaefer, Schultz, and Schneider.

The site is organized into the following major sections:

-> Our Family Tree, organized by family and by individual. This is a work in progress and is updated regularly.
-> History and Biography. This family was blessed with a number of articulate writers who preserved their knowledge and experience for later generations; their documents are here. This section also includes biographies, transcriptions of published works not otherwise available online, and surname-specific links to other sites.
-> Family Lore. Why a Red Cow? Did the Family Crest come over with the relatives from Germany? What was Dunderbach's Machine? The answers to these and many other of life's mysteries are here.
-> Links and Tools. Genealogy and Family History is a collaborative effort, especially in the online world. Here are links to other sites that were particularly useful to us.

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